BMC in France

Our first trip of the summer was to France. We visited many villages including Etain, Chambery, Montsevroux, Caqueraine, and many many more. We met many people and shared our love of Southern Appalachian dance and culture. We cannot thank the festivals, host families, and communities enough for the love and support we were given during these few weeks. 

 BMC in England 

Our second trip was to England for the second time to the Billingham International Folk Festival. Our lifelong friends we have made here, continuously make this trip a truly great experience. We performed for retirement homes, children, and hundreds of people in the town of Billingham.

 BMC in Greece

BMC traveled to Lefkada Greece at the end of their summer journey. We performed for hundreds of people and met new friends from all over the world. We saw incredible beaches, met lovely people, and even danced with horses. The memories made on this trip was a fantastic finale to our summer travels. At the end of our trip, we visited Athens, the Parthenon, and The Mars Hill (Areopagus). It was an educational and moving experience for us all. Greece was the most beautiful place we have ever seen, and the memories will forever be in our hearts.